Vicar Barbara KeltonVicar Barbara S. Kelton

Since our founding as an Episcopal church mission in 1878, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church has grown within the wonderful heritage and traditions of the Episcopal Church. Our parishioners are warm, caring Christians, sharing a committed devotion to God’s love and will.

Our church lineage has maintained a constancy in faith, that is in part, due to our many knowledgeable and compassionate church leaders who have been apart of our church family over the past 130+ years of dedicated Christian worship services. One such leader is, Reverend Barbara S. Kelton.

Addressed as, Mother Barbara, by parishioners, she is our church vicar. A vicar is a priest who leads a church mission within the Episcopal Church. As our vicar, she is our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Paul E. Lambert’s, Bishop Suffragan, representative within our church parish. As our priest, she performs the sacramental offices, as well as other Pastoral care-giving endeavors at St. Philip’s.